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We are a manga scanlation group, seeking to provide quality manga scanlations to fans.

I'd say everything. We will not deal with cliched titles though. And there probably won't be hentai.

We gladly work on such titles.

Sure you can. We always need staff, and we could use donations.
Go to the Recruitment section and apply. :3

Links will be provided on the series' pages.

For the most part - yes. I think that joints are a wonderful way to speed the process up and create relationship with other scanlators.
Projects and conditions will have to be discussed beforehand.

Due to recent developments, we would like to ask all online viewing and dl hosting sites to remove our series.

"Can I make a donation?"
We have started accepting donations!



"What will you be using my money for?"
We will use it for buying books to be scanlated by our team.
Nothing more, nothing less.