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Current Projects
Our current projects will be displayed here.
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Thread: Patalliro!
Message from: orquidea
Completed Projects (viewing: 1)
Our completed projects will be displayed here.
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Thread: Kisshou Tennyo by Yoshida Ak...
Message from: hotcakes
Future Projects
Our future projects will be displayed here.
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Thread: Tadashii Renai no Susume
Message from: hotcakes
Dropped Projects
Dropped projects will rest here.
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Thread: Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae
Message from: Catriona
Suggestions For Projects
Want something good to be scanlated? Go ahead and post it here.
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Thread: Yaoi Suggestion Thread.
Message from: Firefly084
News/Announcements 6 8
Thread: Plans.
Message from: kelly5264

HotCake Domain
Apply for a position here. :3
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Thread: Translators
Message from: hotcakes
New here? Go ahead and introduce yourself!
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Thread: Hello
Message from: Catriona
Rules [Archive]
Forum's rules.
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Thread: Rules
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Bondage Bi-Monthly
Discuss, suggest and comment it here.
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Thread: Suggestion box
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General Discussions
Project Discussion
Discuss our recent releases, as well as projects.
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Thread: Anata to Senya Ichiya
Message from: Catriona
Chatter and Spam
Unrelated things can go here. Do not go out of control, since I'll be watching.
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Thread: Wanna Role Play? Come over t...
Message from: Catriona
Everything that has to do with manga.
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Thread: Fast food for the brain
Message from: Catriona
Yaoi Corner
A yaoi fan? Come here and enjoy. :3
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Thread: Looking a little lonely in h...
Message from: the_toll_of_death
Conduct any anime chat here.
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Thread: Music-themed anime
Message from: Catriona
Mangaka Thread
Wanna show love for a certain mangaka? Do it here.
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Thread: Favorite Mangaka
Message from: scarletrhodelia
Have a birthday? Share with us to get congrats ;p
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Thread: Happy Birthday, Cat!
Message from: Catriona

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