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Main » 2011 » October » 3 » Yet another "we're not dead" post.
Yet another "we're not dead" post.
2:04 PM
Hello everyone!

Today we have some releases for you guys, and I, NightSwan, have a few thoughts to share.
I love my group, my staff and the projects we work on.
I also love the redears who enjoy our work.
What I don't like, however, is the fact that pretty much nobody is willing to pitch in, sans a selected few to whom I am grateful.
I don't mean to be harsh, nor am I mad at anyone.
But you need to know the facts as they are.
I will stick around and do what I can to keep the group going, because I know my girls (and guys ;p) are a dedicated bunch.
We just can't do it all nowadays. We need help. A QCer would help us a lot because this is where we get stuck most.
I would love to have someone to build a site for us, because none of our current members have the ability or the time to do it.
Having a forum is nice, but I feel like having a real site will make my little online family proud.
You probably wonder why it takes us so long to bring out releases, especially nowadays.
The answer to that is a simple one - we are all people.
People with lives, with school and with work. We can't dedicate our whole being to scanlating, even though we enjoy it.
If you count our active members, we are six. Sure, it might sound a lot, but we all have very little time to spare.
Some people, mostly ones from other groups, land us an occasional, much needed hand.
I thank each and every one of you guys.

I ask for help, and if you aren't interested in helping, or just can't, please spare me the "what's taking so long" posts and questions.

On to the releases -
Today, we say goodbye to some of our beloved projects.
Don't worry, we're not dumping them. We're simply ending our journey with said titles. =)
First, is Tomoi. (chapter 4)
One of the saddest, most realistic BL works I've had the honor of reading.
The end is very sad, so you should prepare some tissue.
We also say goodbye to the crazy misadventures of Sonoko and Saburou in a very long extra.
We finish our goodbyes with a hello -
One of the few standalone oneshots we've worked on, by Banana Bread's author Ooshuima Yumiko, called Kinpatsu No Sougen.
We intend to work on more oneshots by the talented mangaka.
And I know you've been expecting this one -
Chapter 9 of Copernicus:
We end the releases day with an adorable Nekomichi chapter:
As always, many thanks to the Russian group Sad-Robot for translating it.
Be sure to visit their site if you know Russian!
I wish you a good day/week/month/year.
Until we meet again,

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16 Hamid  
I hope you are wrong, but the cecanhs of you being right are significant. There are several major yawning holes they risk falling into:- Price. Price it too high, and it's DOA.- As you say, stability of software. The Storm is the poster child of what not to do.- Media handling. How will it handle the juggernaut of iTunes and the iPod?It shows amazing promise, though, and I sincerely hope it's a huge success.

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15 Aozora  
Thank you so much for the work on the scans that you've done!
I joined a while ago but I didn't really look around .. I assume by QCer, you mean Quality Checkers? ..Well, I don't know Japanese fluently at all, and I don't have much experience other than beta-ing a few comic strips' translations, but if you want nitpicking of English, I'm up to it. I don't always have time but will be happy to help out in this group with its lovely series! After all, win-win.

If you don't mind explaining the job a bit more in detail, I would like to help. ^^ And while I don't have Photoshop, I have GIMP and SAI, and er, if you need evidence of experience with that..? My Minitokyo page. There's my gallery with art and wallpapers I made, and also a list of userpage layouts I made (including mine), both graphics and coding. ...I would like to help you with your website-making too, but I've never made a complete page so I'm an amateur there, at best. Sorry, and I hope this is of help to you >_<

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14 meek  
Thank you for completing the translation of Tomoi!

Also, another group is translating (or *was* translating, they haven't updated in a million years) the series What Did You Eat Yesterday? Tomoi is super sad and What Did You Eat Yesterday? is cheerful, but if you appreciate one you still might appreciate the other. Over at someone said "It combines three things I can’t resist: food manga, Fumi Yoshinaga, and grown-up gay characters with jobs."


Thank you again not just for translating Tomoi, but for finding it and bringing it to my attention in the first place!

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13 tfr  
Thanks so much!

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12 reicheruchan  
thank you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11 iamsoocool  
thanks so much for coppernicus! i really appreciate tour works

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10 bluerose83  
Thank you for all these!

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9 yvomol78  
thank you very much for the hardwork

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8 heehee  
Thanks a bunch! You're still the group who made me discover many really worth it titles!

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7 xLilim  
Thank you for this!! smile

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