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Main » 2010 » June » 12 » Some News.
Some News.
12:51 PM
Hello, everyone!
First of all, I would like to reassure everyone and confirm that we are still active.
We've had some members on a leave (busy with life, ya know), but things are starting to pick up again and new chapters are baking as we speak. :3
Secondly, I have an announcement to make.
Due to recent developments with American and Japanese publishing companies who intend to take legal actions against the scanlation world,
we have decided to close the forum for users only.
That means that if you want to view our releases, you will have to register.
Don't worry, no post count or anything. You just need to register.
Another thing would be -
I would like to ask all online viewing sites to remove our chapters from your sites.
If you see one site or another, please tell me and I will contact them.
Those measures will be taken in order for us to continue working, so please, help us!
Have a good week!
It seems hosting sites aren't safe, either.
We will have to ask them to remove our links as well.
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