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Main » 2011 » October » 30 » Smut on top of Smut.
Smut on top of Smut.
11:35 PM

Hello everyone!
I decided to divert a bit from my habit of releasing in bulk and thought I'd just present you with what's ready.
Today I give you After Tea, one of the oneshots from Yoshihara Yuki's Matamata Oboretai collection.
It's the story of Mizunashi Keiko, a hardworking uni student whose dreams of an ideal partnership were ruined when her bf ditches her just after she pays for their apartment (what a dick, right?)
Enter Kashiwagi Hiroshi, the young, handsome teacher's assistant.
Everything is cute, funny and has a happy ending.
The story has a lesson to teach, as well. You don't have to be with the first jerk who crosses your way and sleeps with you, especially if it's a terrible, forcefull person.-
This may seem like common sense, but I've read enough a shoujo that build their entire plot around exactly the opposite.
Not Yoshihara-sensei. She never resorts to such lows.
That's why we love her here at HotCakes. =)
Grab it here: 
We will only be working on the unscanlated oneshots and extras from this series.

The second release, very soon after the last one, is the 4th chapter of The Papaya Gang.
It's the continuation of the Riku and Ryuu saga.

As always, I beg for help.
We need someone to proofread Little Forest for us.
But I will only accept an experinced person for the job.
I'm trying to set up a donation thingine, too...
So if you're interested in helping us buy some books, give me a shout. ^^

And now I'll go and get some rest.
Shouldn't be messing in front of the computer too much, since school's already started and my wrist hurts again. ~.~;

"Roger and out", said the Swan and flew about.
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thank you very much

thank you for the hard work happy

And i wanted to tell you that the first link doesn't work at least for me it doesn't


Thanks so much for the release biggrin

Thanks a ton for the release! Yoshihara Yuki sensei's work is great as always ~~~ happy

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