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Main » 2012 » December » 31 » Six is a serious number~
Six is a serious number~
5:20 PM
Hey guys!

This is our release release for this year, but hopefully not the end of the show. 
We're closing the year with chapter six of Papaya Gang   (no smut in this one, so it's SFW)
And Nekomichi  (Dad thinks he's getting a scarf)

As I said in my previous post, things aren't looking good for our group.
We have no translators and everyone else is busy.
And now the site's not working. 
I'll continue with the joints and Russian translations for as long as I can, but as for the rest of our projects, the prospects are bleak at this point.
There are also two Ooshima oneshots I will release when I find the time.

If someone's willing to help, please PM me here on this site on mangaupdates, where my usename is NightSwan. 
My Gmail is
We have many lovely projects just waiting to be translated~
If we can't find help, my only option would be to disband the group and I really don't want that to happen.
Oh well. 
I hope our staff and readers will have a wonderful new year and a great celebration with their friends, family and loved ones.

One a side note, I read somewhere that scanlations are seen as low quality and inferior to anime fansubs.
Some people claim that scanlators are idiots who know no English and don't evolve with time.
I would like to respond to these accusations and say that I strongly disagree.
As a manga reader and later scanlator, I can say that it is not true.
Sure, there will always be the speed groups and randoms who just throw everything together without as little as checking their work.
We at HotCakes strive to give fans high quality scanlations, as many other groups.

Have a happy new year~! 
Until next time,

As always, comments are appreciated. xD
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5 heehee  
Thank you! Have a happy new year! (and I'm happy to hear from you ^^)

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4 orquidea  
Thank you so much.
Happy New Year!

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3 lou  
Have a wonderful new year! There are many awesome teams that should be given the praise and credit they are due. Some teams may start off with a lot of errors, but nobody's perfect at first. The teams that don't improve probably don't stick around very long since the audience fades away when the qualityis too low to enjoy.

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2 Fantita  
Thanks so much for Nekomichi, I love that series! And Happy New Year to you too!!!

Regarding the help you need, I hope you find it. Unfortunately, I don´t know any Japanese sad

And about the scanlations in general, I don´t know who said that but that person is wrong to make it so general. I mean, as everything in life, there are scanlations and scanlations. Some groups are great, delivering high quality works (re: translation, editing, scans, etc) and others are good in some things and not in others and then we have the groups that are bad at it (too many grammar mistakes, poor edition, ugly scans, translations you don´t get the meaning).
I know of many excellent groups so I think that person is wrong and I praise you for taking your time to bring us stuff in great conditions biggrin

See you and I hope your next post has a translator attached!

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1 Crystal  
Oh, I hope you can find people to help you. smile Unfortunately, I'm unusable for this. sad

"scanlations are seen as low quality and inferior to anime fansubs" angry ==> I didn´t understand that statement, that's kind of pointless. What I do know is that many scan groups work hard to bring the fans the best works. Even you. And I thank you very much for that, and hopefully in 2013 we can rejoice with your work even more. wink

Happy 2013. happy hearts

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