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Main » 2013 » March » 27 » Seven is a Lucky Number...
Seven is a Lucky Number...
3:40 PM
...unless it's a oneshot!

Hello everyone!

For our anniversary month, we have three releases~
Should have made it more, to coincide with the group's actual age, but tbh, I can't even keep track of that anymore.

Today we have -

Chapter 7 of Papaya Army starts off the 2nd volume and features a new (het) couple:

Joint with lililicious.

Chapter 7 of Nekomichi is also an anniversary chapter~ We get a look into Mom's and Dad's life when they were newlyweds. 

To be perfectly honest, I had the translation done a while back. For some reason, I didn't find the time to typeset it...
But it turned out well, since you got it today. 

Last, but definitely not least, and Ooshima oneshot translated by our dear, missing Kololo before she'd disappeared:
He His Him:

It's weird, random, and totally quirky. It's Ooshima!
Special thanks to Erin from lililicious for helping me out with some missing SFXs~! 

This concludes our festive releases~
Can't believe I made it (almost) in time. hehe.

In other news~

If you remember, I re-translated a oneshot from Asano Inio's book Ctrl + T Called awaiting Spring. 
Recently, the whole volume was released by Village Idiot from the original Japanese.
If you're interested, you can check out their version and whatever else was in the volume.

Some general stuff -

As you may or may not know, my first actual role in the group, beside being the founder, was that of a typesetter.
It remains my favorite part even today, and I'm discovering new techniques these days as well, after all the years of doing that.
My advice - read tutorials by prominent groups. These contain real pearls of wisdom.

As always, I'm grateful for all the people I've worked with and continue to.
If anyone's interested in helping us out, solo or as part of a group, I'm always interested.
We especially need a translator. So if you applied and I for somehow wasn't able to contact you, leave a reply here, on gmail, mangaupdates (NightSwan) or PM me here on this forum.

Lastly, we have an online reader again, thanks to Mo!
But because uploading stuff makes me sad, it's taking me a while to update all the chapters.
You can check it out here~

Thank you, until next time!
(comments are always appreciated)

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thank you for the wonderful work.
It's hard to find these kinds of releases these days.
You do a great job!

Thanks for all the kind comments, you guys! happy

Thank you so much^__^

Happy Anniversary to my favouritr scanlations group!

Happy Anniversary!  Thanks for the releases!

Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for all the releases especially for Nekomichi, it´s sooo cute!!! :D

Happy anniversary! Thanks for scanlating Nekomichi!

Happy Anniversary ^^
And thank you for all your hard work XD

Thank you so much for the releases.

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