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Main » 2010 » June » 26 » Releases~ Anata, Copernicus and Tomoi (Debut!)
Releases~ Anata, Copernicus and Tomoi (Debut!)
3:28 PM
Hello everyone!
The rest of the chapters promised in my previous post are ready!
Grab 'em while they're hot. ^^
We have Tomoi's first chapter (this time there are chapters!). This is the sequel of Nemureru Mori no Binan:
Anata's 11th chapter (new fun smut!):  
The whole first volume will be uploaded shortly.
Chapter 4 of Copernicus (yes, things are getting crazier!).
Enjoy and have a good day!
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Taking the oevrivew, this post hits the spot

hi!!!! i'm new here!!!! thank you so much for these wonderful releases!

Thanks so much for Copernicus! God! The story is just so crazy and like every turn of events are unexpected!

thanks so much for the releases!!! happy

Thanks for the chapters, but I can't register in this forum to download them. It requires a picture id for the 'dating system'. Not gonna do that. :(

There is no such thing. o___O
Not from what I know.

thanks so much for those releases!!!

Thanks a lot! I don't know what to think of the nest head since last chapter, he's become so evil in 30pages... lol! wink

olinatasha is my username. Though it asks for my email which is

Your nick doesn't show.
Do you have other mail accounts?
Maybe try registering with a gmail one?

I am having trouble logging in. It tells me my username or password are incorrect. When I request my password it tells me user doesn't exist. I tried to re-register, but it tells me user already exists. When I click of my email for my UNet profile I can see my information. That is my birth date, sex, sign, etc. So, I don't understand what's wrong. Can you please help me?

And Thank you so much for the new releases. I would really like to read them. I am eager to receive them. Please?

What is your username?

I figured out my problem. wink Sorry to have been troublesome. sad You need not worry about me anymore. Thank you for taking care of me, though. I appreciate it.

Now I have the new releases and am so happy! Thank you again. happy

Well, I'm very glad you did. ^^

No problem.
Enjoy reading!

thank you for the new chapters. Nemureru Moni no Binan was really good, and i look forward to Tomoi. and something from Yoshihara-sensei to lighten the mood wink what an eclectic mix... love them all

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