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Main » 2012 » January » 23 » Papaya #5
Papaya #5
5:44 PM
Hello, everyone!
It's Papaya time!
The couple this time is Chieri and Mika.
Be prepared, this is quite a steamy chapter which incorporates some of my favs.~
We also find out Mika's real name~!
Some status updates -
I'm currently typesetting the color pages from the bunko of Momonchi.
The editing was done by Dille (sorry it's taking me so long to release it >.>; ).
I'll probably redo the whole oneshot chapter and release the revised volume when I'm done.
Some encouraging news about Little Forest, we will also make a fresh release of the previous chapters
using fresh raws provided by GGpX from Illuminati and will try to bring out further chapters, together.
Now, to the less pleasant stuff.
As you guys probably know, mangafox is a bad apple in the scanlation community, earning money from work scanlators do for free.
I encourage you to STOP visiting both mangafox and mangahere.
I'm considering to allow hosting our projects as they're much more scanlator-friendly, bur for now, all online viewing sites are prohibited from hosting our projects.
An important note on the subject, mangafox boldly ignores our policy on the matter and continues to upload our releases, even though I've personally asked to stop (on a number of occasions),
while batoto avoids from putting any of our releases on their site.
On other news, I'm still trying to make a site for our group.
I was thinking of wordpress, but requires some things I'm unable to provide at the moment.
Oh well, the search continues~~
Until next time,
Swan & the HotCakes staff wishes you all the best.
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I spupose that sounds and smells just about right.

/end search.


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