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Main » 2011 » December » 31 » Official Last Release This Year!!!
Official Last Release This Year!!!
12:53 PM
Hello everyone, and happy holidays!
This will be our last release for the year of 2011.
Another year filled with turmoil and our staffers getting busier by the minute.
First, I'd like to revive a project that's been inactive for a while, Little Forest.
I bet you guys never thought it see the light of day again, right?
Well, I was skeptical as well, until a kind benefactor by the name of Laika landed us a hand in translating chapter five:
For being so short, this chapter gave us lots of trouble. heh.
Another long since forgotten by the world is Kisshou Tennyo, volume 3.
Yep, the whole volume, just like the previous releases.
This also means we've got only one more to go!
Our third release for today is the popular Breath of Copernicus, chapter 10:
Like always, things keep getting weirder and creepier.
Next in line is the ever adorable Nekomichi, chapter 3, where Mom meets another cat lover like herself.
Remember to visit Sad-Robot's site, the Russian team. =)
Number five is our 2nd release from the Matamata collection, Love Can Sneak up on You at Night.
Hurra for Yoshihara goodness~!
Starting from the next chapter, this will be a joint with A Willful Muse.
Last, but definitely not least is a oneshot by our group's most fussed about author, Ooshima Yumiko, called "Grass Crown Princess".
After finishing the typesetting I read it once more and started thinking what this thing was. A love story does it little justice, but we do get romance here.
If you pay attention, you see the little bits of quirkiness sprinkled everywhere. From a laugh worthy cafeteria sign, to a bearded gentleman with a comic book.
Soon to follow is chapter 5 of Papaya Army, our joint with Lililicious. ^^
That's all for today.
As usual, I beg for help.
If you're interested, just PM me. =)
Oh, and I forgot to mention, we've added a donation function to our site.
Thanks for all your support and may we all have a lovely new year!
*cue in the 2012 jokes*
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12 Beatrice  
That insight soelvs the problem. Thanks!

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11 hotcakes  
Thank you, everyone, for your kind replies!

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10 yambasket  
here's wishing hotcakes staffers a wonderful 2012!!!
yay! and thank you for all the new releases!

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9 utdgav  
Happy New Year! Thank you for so many releases. Can't wait to read them all!

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8 freres  
Thank you very much for the end of year releases.
Happy New Year!

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7 heehee  
Congrats for this magnificent end of year! I wish you the best with the bubbliest Champaign ^^ biggrin

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6 asiangurlie87  
This is not one of my year I guess because I just came back from the hospital at 6 A.M catching a bad virus. Uggghhh....But Anyways Happy New Year and hope everyone is having a blast New Year unlike me!!! Thank you for the hard work and releases!!!!

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5 patapi  
Thank you very much for the big bunch of release and Happy New Year !! :>

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4 Mierten  
Wow. Thanks for the treats!

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3 eustaqiohs  
Thank you so very much for the last releases of the year. May everyone at HotCakes Scanlations have a wonderful and joyous New Year ahead! happy

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