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Main » 2012 » May » 27 » Moving~
5:39 PM
Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know.
We're still in a pinch with the staff, but I hope we'll manage to cook something new in a time not long from now...

Yes, we do have a release today (even two!), but before that, I would like to announce that we'll be moving to a new place and focusing our releases there:
It'll be a while before I'll finish updating the download links in the site, but you can read every chapter we've released on our online reader:
Momonchi and Little Forest aren't available online yet, but in time, they will be.
You should be checking the site for future releases and whatnot. 

For today's releases:
Copernicus chapter 11: 

DL links:  ,    

Many thanks to Crenshinibon and Lucifuge, as well as our dedicated staff for making this releases possible.

Nekomichi chapter 4: (visit Sad-Robot's site if you know Russian)

DL links: ,
Read Online:

I'm expecting to release a Mani Mani chapter next week, together with Stiletto Heels.

And that's all for today.
Until next time!
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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!!!!!!!!!! You what? I really hope to make this one until the end. No mttear how manny time,, i really enjoy reading it,,, and whant to read the end,,,, someday .. Thanks for your work!!!!!!

Thank you for the new chap of Copernicus. happy
The new site is beautiful. wink
I have a question: do you intend to continue to announce your releases also on LJ?

I hope the moving to occur smoothly. thumb

Kissu. smile

Yeah, I'll continue doing so, since a lot of people use LJ, so I guess it'd be more comfortable for them.

When I read the title of this entry I was afraid that there was someone in the group was moving xD. I went to the new site and found it pretty nice ^^. Thanks for the releases, hopefully you'll finish moving stuff soon smile

Coincidentally, someone from our group is, in fact, moving. xD

Glad you like it. :3
And I hope so, too.

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