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Main » 2009 » December » 10 » Little Forest & Anata to senya ichiya
Little Forest & Anata to senya ichiya
11:47 PM
Hello everyone!

We have Little Forest and Anata to senya ichiya releases today. ^^
Chapter 5 of Anata:
Chapter 2 of Little Forest:

Besides that, second versions of the previous chapters have also been uploaded and are waiting for those who are interested.
There weren't many changes. Mostly a missed comma here and there, and a double word.
And I changed the narration font of chapter 1 of Little Forest to fit chapter 2.

I expect to finish the cleaning and typesetting of Kisshou Tennyo by the end of this month.
You will get the whole volume at once. :3

Banana Bread Pudding and Momonchi are also expected to be finished this month.
Tomoi is being worked on as we speak, as well.
And Copernicus awaits QCing.

If you're not satisfied with the pace, please, help us edit and QC ^^
^that's my not-so-sneaky way of asking for your help!
We really, really, really need a QCer.
If only to point out the faults. I usually fix everything myself.

Add some yeast to the HotCakes dough! Help us grow!
You are welcome to apply for staff. ^^
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Total comments: 7
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6 teh  
thanks for the releases!! and yay too for the upcoming releases.. hee... currently reading anata, forest, momonchi and banana bread. love your choice of projects so will be checking out the rest too. thanks for all the work in bringing out good quality scanlations.

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5 hotcakes  
Thanks guys!
I'm glad you enjoy it. dry

Haha, well, Little Forest chapters are very short and quite relaxing. Even RL can't get in the way with that XD
Thanks for your support!

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4 elianthos  
I realized I have most of your titles on my wish-list :D , little forest included, but I haven't come around actually reading them yet *glances at past chapters piling up* save for Anata. RL got in the way ;_; . Anyway, thank you for your work ^^

double yay for Yoshihara-sama *__* . *bows to the Queen and to HC staff*

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2 zabou  
Thanks so much for this new release of anata!!

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1 Rizzz  
Thank you very much for the new release of Anata, I really like this series ^___^
It made my day to see a new release of this series, I really appreciate the staff hard work :D

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3 Catriona  
Then you're in good company. Got yourself at least two rabid Yoshihara-fans among our staff (me being one of those biggrin )

You're welcome. Glad you like it!

@Both of you
Thanks for commenting. It's always fun to get some feedback on our projects!

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