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Main » 2013 » February » 26 » Let it Rise~
Let it Rise~
2:02 AM
Hey everyone!
Today's release is part 3 of Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi. More conflicts are ahead!
Other stuff I'd like to talk about:
Next month is our anniversary. Sadly, HotCakes has become a sad and lonely place and I feel it's partly my fault.
I haven't been able to find a translator to replace our dear Kololo or include the remaining staff in the joints.
As much as I'd like to work on new things, it's impossible without a translator.
If anyone's interested to work on various titles by Yoshida Akimi, Ooshima Yumiko and others (check our project lists), do not hesitate to contact me here, on mangaupdates or via Gmail.
I hope to put up another site in the future, too, if we're still alive.
Please help us revive HotCakes!
Next month, you can expect another Papaya release, and hopefully an Ooshima oneshot I've stalled due to continuous grief over Kololo's absence and also some Nekomichi.
Comments are always appreciated. = )
Have a great month, everybody!
Until next time~
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Thank you very much. happy

Thanks a bunch for the release! And looking forward to the Anni next month biggrin

Thank you so much XD

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