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Main » 2013 » May » 19 » Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi
Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi
0:58 AM
Part 5 and end of volume 1 of Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi~
As always, we're looking for J-E translators... Please apply!

Visit our site, here:

Please guys, we really need a translator...

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1 patapi  
Thank you very much for the new release!

BTW I cannot access your new site. There was no email sending to me (to validate) after registration. Something wrong?

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2 hotcakes  

Right after you've registered, you should click "forgot password?" and there will be an email sent to you to reset it, then you will be able to pick a new password. I'm not sure what's wrong with the plugin, but at least it works that way. =)

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3 patapi  
Thanks for your reply.

I had tried as you advised but it still did not work. I also tried register under a different name and email but still no mail was sent to me. It seems like the sending-mail-out did not work (at least in my case).

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4 hotcakes  
It seems you're already registered (with a chibi snake pic)!
I shifted the users from the first attempt site to this one.
Try logging again?
If you're still unsuccessful I'll delete that user profile so that you can make a new one.

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