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Main » 2013 » May » 19 » Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi
Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi
0:58 AM
Part 5 and end of volume 1 of Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi~
As always, we're looking for J-E translators... Please apply!

Visit our site, here:

Please guys, we really need a translator...

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Thank you very much for the new release!

BTW I cannot access your new site. There was no email sending to me (to validate) after registration. Something wrong?


Right after you've registered, you should click "forgot password?" and there will be an email sent to you to reset it, then you will be able to pick a new password. I'm not sure what's wrong with the plugin, but at least it works that way. =)

Thanks for your reply.

I had tried as you advised but it still did not work. I also tried register under a different name and email but still no mail was sent to me. It seems like the sending-mail-out did not work (at least in my case).

It seems you're already registered (with a chibi snake pic)!
I shifted the users from the first attempt site to this one.
Try logging again?
If you're still unsuccessful I'll delete that user profile so that you can make a new one.

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