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Main » 2010 » December » 30 » Happy Holidays with Hotcakes!
Happy Holidays with Hotcakes!
11:09 PM
Hello everyone!
I hope you guys had a great time celebrating this month,  
and that you will have a wonderful new year. =)
I want to thank every person who is related to our little group.
Thank you so much for being there!
Have a lovely New Year. <3
Before I start ranting, you can grab our last release for the year 2010:
Two chapters of Anata this month (14-15):
The first chapter of the 2nd volume of Copernicus (ch7):
It gets even crazier. Yep.
And thanks to Synthie, the entire volume is scanned.
Tomoi chapter 3 (just one more to go):
WARNING: This one is very sad.
Note:I have updated the prequel Nemureru for a single volume download.
And for the cat lovers - Nekomichi ch1 by Iwaoka Hisae:
It's a sweet slice of life about a cat and the family he's living with. 
For those who wonder, he acts like a regular cat. Nothnig like Chii from Chii's Sweet Home. 
Another project I translated from Russian.
Many thanks to the group Sad-Robot for allowing me to use their scans.
As with Ctrl+T, this will not be an official HotCakes project and all progress will be according to Sad-Robots releases.
If you want to pick it up (from Japanese only, please), go ahead.
Just give me a shout if you think you can do a better job and want me to stop. =)
And now, for HotCakes related news:
I would like to start by saying that we have lost our other translator.
We thank him for his work on Momonchi and Little Forest (and another unreleased chapter)
and wish him all the best!
Our wonderful Kololo is still with us, but this leaves HotCakes with only one translator.
Please join us if you like good manga and want to work in a relaxed and caring environment!
We have a variaty of Josei and Seinen projects that are waiting to be translated, as well as some old styled shoujo.
We are also still in need for raw providers.
If you can scan or ship the volumes to us, we'd appreciate that a lot.
For more cheerful news, we've started working on Kinpatsu no Sougen by Ooshima Yumiko (thanks goes to Kololo).
Next month you can expect to get a GL & Nakamura Asumiko fix in the form of the oneshot Overpass Junction -
a joint with Lililicious (thanks goes to Firefly084 for letting me know about this title). It's already undergoing QCing!
And most likely some Mani Mani (our joint with Stiletto Heels).
And to conclude, some shameless advertising:
You know you want to. :9
Until next time,
have a good one!
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Total comments: 11
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11 Meiko  
Thank's a lot for all your hard work hearts

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10 iamsoocool  
wah thanks smile coopernicus is just so weird but i freaking love it smile tahnkies!!!!!!!!

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9 tfr  
Thanks so much for Copernicus! :D

I'm always thrilled whenever you guys update it! Ever since you guys started releasing it, it became one of my all time favorites!

0 Spam
7 Callie  
Oh, I adore cats! And the slice-of-life-y atmosphere is nicely done. I think I'm going to enjoy Nekomichi! (Though I love Chii's Sweet Home as well ^^)

Sad to hear about Little Forest - I really liked that one. Any chance you might be able to continue it one day?

Thank you for the nice new project!

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8 hotcakes  
Glad to hear that! ^^
Chii's Sweet Home is the most popular cat manga it seems, so I drew a comparison. =)
I like it as well, but reading about a more "natural" cat is quite enjoyable for me,
even though I do not have a cat (I do have a dog though, and anything with paws has my love).

As for Little Forest, things are not lost yet.
We may have found a translator for it.
I will fight to keep it alive!

Thanks for your support guys!

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6 jackie  
Thank you so much for these two chapter of Anata to Senya Ichiya!! Happy New Year HotCakes!! biggrin

0 Spam
5 Miyu  
Thank you very much! Happy New Year! ^^

0 Spam
4 olimpis12  
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the new Tomoi chapter! I very much enjoyed this sad Christmas story! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

0 Spam
3 iamsoocool  
waaaaaaaaa thankies and happy new year to you too smile

0 Spam
2 no910659  
Happy New Year and Thanks! salute2

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1 Charlise  
Thank you very much for the releases! And Happy New Year!

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