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Main » 2010 » November » 19 » Good 'Ol Monthly Regime~ Copernicus, Anata, Papaya, Mani Mani & Ctrl+ T
Good 'Ol Monthly Regime~ Copernicus, Anata, Papaya, Mani Mani & Ctrl+ T
9:24 PM
Hello everyone!
As you can see, we're back to our monthly release schedule.
First, there's chapter 6 of Copernicus which is the last chapter in volume 1.
Be not afraid though, since we've already scanned chapter 7.
All I can say is that it gets crazier each time.
Get your goodies here:
Read all about Sonoko's misconception in chapter 13 of Anata:
A fujoshi appears and the boss falls in love in The Papaya Gang:

Mani Mani with a new story about a girl who's afraid to go to school:
Note: Story one has a sequel (chapter 6).
And a new oneshot, "Awaiting Spring", a side story to Solanin and part of the Ctrl+T artbook by Asano Inio. (more info here).
Note: I translated this chapter from Russian.
Being a fan myself, I thought I'd share it with the English readers.
It was originally scanlated by the group Sad Robot who kindly allowed me to use their scans.
Their site  
We will not be "officially" working on this manga so if any group wants to translate it from Japanese
and re-release or just continue it, please give me a shout and we will drop this project.
Meanwhile, I'll be on the lookout for the second oneshot in this book to be released.
I've listed some of the things we'll be working on, and what we need in order to speed up the process. ^^
P.S sorry if this post makes less sense than usual. I'm coming down with a cold so everything's a bit jumbled up...
Have a great day!
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Can I use your scans and translation for retranslating into another language? Thank you very much!

Ah! I didn't notice that you guys updated! Thanks so much! I love Copernicus so much!

Many thanks for the releases. smile

Thank you! Hope you get well soon!

Thank you so very much for Anata and Copernicus! Hugs and cookies to you! happy happy

Thanks guys!

Only 5. =D

thank you hotcakes staff for the er... 5? 6? so many! releases!!!!! yay yay yay yay!! indeed a diverse range of releases all of which i love. hope you get well soon.

Oooof!(=*relief*) Ch 7 is already in the making! Thanks!

Thank you so much for your hard work on this new chapter of Anata to Senya Ichiya!! :D

Hope you feel better soon!

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