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Main » 2009 » September » 28 » Gimme staff!
Gimme staff!
8:40 PM

Want faster releases?

Like dedicating yourself to work?
Good with small details?
Have skill in the positions required?
Have free time?
Like manga?

Apply today.  :D

Well, I'm glad to announce we've got a new translator, but we need MORE cleaners and typesetters.
I do prefer that you have experience, if not in editing, at least with photoshop itself.
And an experienced QCer... Would help a lot.
A small announcement- Tomoi  is being scanned. We will need cleaners & typesetters for it as well. :3
I'm also glad to announce that we have got a new translator! spacerocket.
She will be working on the second volume of Tadashii Renai no Susume.
We might also solve our RAWs problem. Not sure, but if we do, we'll really REALLY need more staff. ^^
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1 Muktar  
Hello!I just started rdnieag this manga and I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed rdnieag it, I'm hooked now! thanks so much for scanlating this awesome series guys~! <3 I'm really grateful you to & Red Hawk!Your hardwork's much appreciated, keep it up!! ^___^

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