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Main » 2010 » April » 12 » Five is better than One
Five is better than One
0:46 AM
Hello everyone!
I wanted to release these chapters on my birthday (which was yesterday), but my plans took a different direction. hehe.
Anyways, today we have 5 chapters!
First, we have Nemureru's 5th and final part:
Don't be sad though, since Tomoi will be returning in 'Tomoi' with some old and new characters! 
Thanks to Pink Rose for helping with the QCing!
Then we have three of them are of Anata To:
Chapters 8-9 conclude the first volume.
Chapter 10 starts volume two. ^^
Chapter 1-3 (done by ShoujoMagic) will be uploaded later together with volume 1.
Apparently, some have trouble obtaining the scans.
I'll explain again then ^^ :
Go to a hosting site, like mangatraders or the evil empire, search for "Oboretai" and download volume 2.
The first three chapters are chapters 1-3 of Anata To Senya Ichiya.
Chapter 4 belongs to a different story.
And last but not least, chapter 3 of Copernicus:
Things just get freakier and freakier. o.O
Honestly. I'm cleaning chapter 4 now, and boy...
Yep, me likes messed up manga. XD.
And that's all for today.
Remember, we love comments! :3
Have a great week, ya'll! ^^
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Total comments: 7
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7 tfr  
Thanks so much for this release! Copernicus did get a bit more grotesque, but it's absolutely fantastic never the less. :)

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6 Yay  
Happy Belated Birthday Hotcakes
Thanks for completing Nemureru and starting Tomoi
It's an intriguing series that I've recently noticed thanks to you guys.
Your releases are always pleasant and I look forward to them
Keep up the great work

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5 hotcakes  
I'm glad you're enjoying our releases!


Tomoi's next!
lol, it so is.

Thank you!

Aw, thank you :3 *hugs*

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4 teh  
Happy happy birthday! why are you giving us presents!!! ~sends a lot of hugs~
Thank you for all the new chapters.. yaaay! i really appreciate all the work the staffers have put in for this... you guys choose great projects i love them all!) and do a great job in scanlating them

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3 zabou  
Happy belated Birthday !!!thanks so much for those releases!!!

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2 AMMY  
Happy belated Birthday :D
Thank you so much for the great releases and for finishing Nemureru!
Wow, also, this chapter of Copernicus was already pretty freaky for me, so I'm really looking forward to the next one^^

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1 elianthos  
yay, Anataaaa XDDD. And I know someone who will be jumping on Copernicus XD.
Happy post birthday and thank you very much :D

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