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Main » 2012 » September » 18 » Cats cats cats and a cross-dressing prince.
Cats cats cats and a cross-dressing prince.
2:19 AM
Heya, everybody!

It's been a while, again.
Things are slow, as usual...

Before I go on with my rant, here are the releases~

The continuation of Nekomichi, chapter 5: 
And a new project we've been sitting on for quit a while, but finally got an opportunity to work on with Emeryl from Onadoru Euphoria - Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun by Yamagishi Ryouko -
which tells the rather complicated story of a prince falling in love with a man.
We'll be releasing it in parts since I'm so slow and I don't want to drag it too much.

I'll update the online reader on our site in a couple of days. 

Onto stuff I'd like to talk about ~

I felt like releasing another Nekomichi (visit Sad-Robot if you know Russian) chapter partly due to the fact that I can do it myself and it was a short chapter, but mostly because I got a kitten recently.
She's a three months old Siamese and I called her Masha. 
My pooch, a Tamaskan mix (a wolf-race) who likes hunting cats when she's outside, has taken to her well and rather quickly.
I'm proud of my girl.

That was the good part.
The bad news is that our most dedicated and often only translator Kololo has gone missing somewhere between Japan and America.
Well, not really (at least, I hope not), but I can't contact her.
I'm worried...
This also means we don't have a translator. 
If you see this, Kololo, I hope you're ok.

We'll be searching for a translator to fill in, or at least to help us work on stuff.
Right now, all we can release is things we have joints on and stuff I retranslate from Russian.

This concludes today's post, and hopefully we'll meet again not too long from now.
Be sure to comment if you like the releases~ And please help us if you can translate or provide raws~ Or both. o.o

Have a good day/week/month!

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dry Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for the releases. smile

thanks for these new chapters <3

Yay~ Thank you for scanlating Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun. It has been on my wishlist for awhile now.

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