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Main » 2009 » October » 22 » Banana Bread Pudding & Momonchi chapter 3
Banana Bread Pudding & Momonchi chapter 3
3:15 PM
Hello everyone!
I give you another double release of Momonchi and Banan, both chapter 3.
I intend to released the last chapter of Momonchi together with Banana's 4th chapter, but we'll see how it goes. ^^;
To get the releases:
Today's releases are dedicated to Synthoxide, our editor and QCer.
(she gets triple the amount of the usual hugs, plus a big kiss)
For further news:
Chapter 4 of Anata to senya ichiya will be released soon.
Fans of the smutty goddess Yoshihara Yuki are in for a treat. ^^ (I'm one of those myself).
If you like what you see and want faster releases, please apply for staff!
We need Editors, Typesetters and QCers!
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Total comments: 7
Oh my gosh that is hilarious! How many teeth does he have? Wow I think you rellay captured a very happy moment and something you can totally keep and say this is what you did when you were little. :P

Thanks for Banana Bread Pudding!

Thank you for the comments.
I'm glad you enjoy our projects. yes

Thanks for the new chapters! I adore Banana Bread Pudding, and I'm looking forward to reading Momonchi when it's done.

Thanks for Banana Bread Pudding.

Ah, thank you so much for Momonchi--it's become one of my favorites.

I love Momonchi and Banana Pudding! great choice of mangas. and yes even though Yoshirara Yuki's stuff is different from those 2, I love her works too (guilty!). Thanks for bringing us great manga, and thanks for the great job of quality scanlating.

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