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Main » 2010 » January » 4 » Banana Bread Pudding Ch-4 & Momonchi Ch-4 [End]
Banana Bread Pudding Ch-4 & Momonchi Ch-4 [End]
1:49 AM
Hello everyone!
I hope you had great holidays! ^^
I would like to wish our readers a Happy New Year! (even though it's kinda late already).
So now, for the releases-
Today we say goodbye to Momonchi.
It was a very sweet and relaxed project.
So enjoy your last chapter with Momo and friends:
The full volume will be uploaded in a few days.
And we also have a release of Banana Bread Pudding (chapter 4):
The next chapter will be the end of the story, but there are still some oneshots (unrelated to Banana)
that we will probably scanlate in the future.
Enjoy today's releases!
An additional note:
You might or might not have noticed the new poll I made.
This poll is to hear your opinion about how we should release Kisshou Tennyo.
I know I said I would release it by the volume, but I got a bit busy so it's going to take longer
for me to typeset the entire volume.
I would really appreciete you taking a look and casting your vote. ^^
Last poll's results:
1. Excellent 21=51%
2. Good 14=34%
3. Not bad 4=9%
4. Bad 0=0%
5. Awful 2:4%
Answers total: 41
Well, I'm glad most of the votes like the site (even though there were very few votes). ^^
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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LMAOOOO@kick that cow! I know I'm kinda mad at them too for itrnoducing this thing in the summer time when they know folks trying to keep their weight down!

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