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Main » 2010 » October » 18 » Back in Business ~ Copernicus, Anata, Tomoi, Kisshou & Mani Mani ~
Back in Business ~ Copernicus, Anata, Tomoi, Kisshou & Mani Mani ~
10:59 PM
No, no, we're not dead.
It was a clever disguise for laziness and general lack of time.
Let's call it taking a break.
Most of our few staff members were busy or on vacation.
I was sick. And very lazy afterwards. :3
But we managed to pull our working boots on and today I bring you some of our finest -

Copernicus Ch5 -
Kisshou v2 -
Mani Mani Ch1 - (joint with Stiletto Heels)
On to stuff that I'd like to talk about -
In the (hopefully) near future we will have the pleasure of seeing some more of Ooshima Yumiko's works.
And more exciting projects are come!
Also, I would really like to bring one of our dropped projects to the surface, but we don't really have the funds for that now.
Let's hope for the best and maybe for some help from the fans. ^^;
We could really use a translator right now.
Please consider helping our little bakery!
Well then, until next time!
Have a good day. =)
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13 Jb  
@Catriona When I click Register to register for the forum, the registration form that comes up wants my name, date of birth, location, and a personal photo. The personal photo is a required field with the following comment under it: It is necessary for the dating system and the search of your profile by other uNet users.

This is what I was referring to when I mentioned not wanting to sign up for a dating system. Am I'm utilizing the wrong form? This is the form that comes up when I click on register at both the home page and the forum link.

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14 hotcakes  
Oh, I see what you mean.
Don't worry, it's not a necessary field.
I think the blue asterisk indicates that as well.

Just fill in the rest of the details, without the one that asks for your photo.

Good luck! ^^
Tell us how it goes. =)

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12 dirah  
yay! Tahnk you very very very much! biggrin :D

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11 yambasket  
yayyy for the new releases! it never rains but pours... this nice surprise made my day! glad to see hotcakes back in action. love Unita Yumi and thank you for picking this up.

0 Spam
10 Charlise  
Thank you! happy

0 Spam
9 Serene  
Thank you =)

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8 Frou  
Good to see you guys back in action! As always, your hard work is very much appreciated :)

0 Spam
7 Tea  
Thank you so much for Copernicus! <33 I can't wait to read it!

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4 Jb  
Is there any other way to enjoy your releases other than signing up for this dating system? I don't want to upload a picture of myself. That's uncomfortable. I'd be happy to sign up for and participate in a forum, but not a dating system.

0 Spam
5 Catriona  
Dating system? Far as I know we haven't got any demands to upload a picture or anything else. We just ask that you register to the forum.

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3 pirateking  
welcome back, as usual you guys are still awesome!

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2 JEY  
woot~ thank you! I was bored out of my mind today~
now you saved me from rotting from boredom, thanks!! >_<

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