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We have a new project! Momonchi 
We need editors for it, and other projects.
If you are interested, do apply. :3
Category: New Project | Views: 1756 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-05-23 | Comments (1)

We are still looking for staff to join us.

Right now what we're most in need of is:

Raw providers


If you're interested please register and go to:

And if you're only thinking about it check this out:

Of course we are always happy to get applications for other positions as well.
Category: Staff? | Views: 560 | Added by: Catriona | Date: 2009-05-08 | Comments (0)

Well, since reality came crashing down Bondage Bi-Weekly has now been renamed Bondage Bi-Monthly.

Also, here is a little promotional video for our lovely little E-zine:

Do enjoy! And please, if you feel like that video is talking to you... come on over and help a poor Swedish tentacle monster out :)

Category: Bondage Weekly | Views: 659 | Added by: Catriona | Date: 2009-05-08 | Comments (0)

Hello everyone!

Before I release this chapter, I just wanted to thank those who read it and hopefully enjoy our hard work. ^^

A small note: The typesetter (MasamiAkanei) wishes to be refered to as GBamber.


So now, the release of chapter 3:

I will add a mediafire link when it stops making problems~


Category: Releases | Views: 430 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-04-29 | Comments (1)

Hello there everyone!

Since I have been appointed as the chief editor of Bondage Bi-weekly I would appreciate some ideas for it.

So far I've got an interview with an S gone M about his preferences and habits. But what else do we want to know? What else do we want the world to know?

If you feel you have something to write about or want to see written about by someone else contact me either here on the forum or at MU (I'm Catriona over there too) and I'll send you my MSN address for smoother communications.

Note: Any text meant for the BB will be proofread by me.

Your friendly neighbourhood tentacle monster
Category: Bondage Weekly | Views: 591 | Added by: Catriona | Date: 2009-04-20 | Comments (1)

Hello everyone!
I am very sorry that this release was delayed, but the forum has been down.
This is our second release, and the first on this forum. *yay* (Also our first news release).
I'm so exicted>.<

I would like to thank our wonderful staff for all their hard work, even though they need to study. (bad kids, bad!)
So, without further ado I give you Chapter 2 of Kawa Yori:


Which you can find on the series's thread page. Here

We still could use staff.
Translators in particular for now.
For more information go to the recruitment forum. :3
Category: Releases | Views: 483 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-04-02 | Comments (0)

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