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Category: HotCakes Notes | Views: 4113 | Added by: Catriona | Date: 2009-09-12 | Comments (13)

Those are the 2 last chapters of Kawa Yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni (Longer and Slower than a River).
It was our first project, and a very fun one at that.
I intend to gather all the chapters into one bunko and re-upload (though it might take some time.).
All the single releases will remain.
To download:
I thank the wonderful staff and everyone who supported and enjoyed the manga!
Category: Releases | Views: 416 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-09-12 | Comments (0)

Umimachi Diary is now a joint project with Aerandria Scans.
This also solves the raw problem for that series. ^^
We also have a few, new additions to our future and upcoming projects! (Forum will be updated soon).
For future projects we have Nemureru Mori no Binan and its sequel Tomoi by Asikato Wakumi.  
Fortunately enough, we found a raw provider for those two. *yay*
Onto the upcoming projects-  Kisshou Tennyo, yet another Yoshida Akimi title!
Look forward to big releases.
We still need a raw provider for the following titles:
... Read more »
Category: HotCakes Notes | Views: 575 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-08-13 | Comments (3)

Category: Staff? | Views: 1465 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-08-05 | Comments (12)

This is the first of 5 chapters of Banana Bread Pudding.
It's an older, classic-shoujo like manga with twists everywhere.
The heroine is one strange bird. That's all I'm telling. ;p
The chapter's title is "The Day I Become Instant Coffee".
Category: Releases | Views: 471 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-07-27 | Comments (3)

I give you 2 new chapters of Kawa Yori.
Category: Releases | Views: 383 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-07-12 | Comments (0)

We are still searching high and low for good quality checkers and dedicated raw providers.

We're also always on the look-out for more translators as well as J-proofers (at the moment we have enough English proofers).

For further information about the positions please visit and check out what kind of qualifications we're looking for in our applicants to the various tasks.

Your friendly neighbourhood Tentacle Monster
Category: Staff? | Views: 585 | Added by: Catriona | Date: 2009-06-29 | Comments (1)

Here starts the volume of Momonchi!
I present you with chapter 1. ^^
The Release can be found here: Momonchi
Category: Releases | Views: 435 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-06-20 | Comments (0)

Today is a double release day. :3
First release of our new project Momonchi by Toume Kei.
Chapter 0 was originally a oneshot.
And a release of Kawa Yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni. Chapter 7.
And we're still looking for staff, so if you are interested please apply.
Category: Releases | Views: 497 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-06-18 | Comments (3)

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for the long wait, but it pays off since I give you here 3 chapters of Kawa Yori at one go! :3
Chapter 6 is an omake, and the end of the first volume.
Since we are working on the bunko version, volumes 1 and 2 are combined, so there will be no actual volume 2. ^^;;
For download links:
I will put up mirrors later on, cause I'm lazy now.
Also, I have learnt how to typeset, and did most of chapter 5. *yay*
And even typeset the credit pages/ftp. *crazy with joy...* (the pretty bunny background is by ane-chan)
Now I can actually help my group some more. X3
And also:
We are looking for an FTP file dump host.
Further information and conta ... Read more »
Category: Releases | Views: 559 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-06-01 | Comments (1)

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