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Hello everyone!
For today's releases we have:
The last chapter of Banana Bread Pudding:
The full volume will be uploaded soon.
You can expect the unrelated oneshots in the future. ^^
Chapter 3 of Little Forest:
And the first part of Nemureru Mori no Binan:
A small note about the cover & naming -
Since we got the scans in bunko version, it has a single cover "Tomoi" (the sec ... Read more »
Category: Releases | Views: 1617 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2010-01-16 | Comments (5)

Hello everyone!
I hope you had great holidays! ^^
I would like to wish our readers a Happy New Year! (even though it's kinda late already).
So now, for the releases-
Today we say goodbye to Momonchi.
It was a very sweet and relaxed project.
So enjoy your last chapter with Momo and friends:
The full volume will be uploaded in a few days.
And we also have a release of Banana Bread Pudding (chapter 4):
The next chapter will be the end of the story, but there are still some oneshots (unrelated to Banana)
that we will probably scanlate in the future.
Enjoy today's releases!
... Read more »
Category: Releases | Views: 1097 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2010-01-04 | Comments (1)

Hello everyone!
Ever since I first read the first chapter of Copernicus in Russian, I fell in love with it and with Nakamura Asumiko.
To cut long story short, I present you with chapter 0 of Copernicus no Kokyuu:
It has mature and homosexual themes. If you are offended by these, you were warned. ^^
We are still looking for a QCer and some more staff!
Please help us!
Have a great day! ^^
Category: Releases | Views: 1163 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-12-17 | Comments (10)

Hello everyone!

We have Little Forest and Anata to senya ichiya releases today. ^^
Chapter 5 of Anata:
Chapter 2 of Little Forest:

Besides that, second versions of the previous chapters have also been uploaded and are waiting for those who are interested.
There weren't many changes. Mostly a missed comma here and there, and a double word.
And I changed the narration font of chapter 1 of Little Forest to fit chapter 2.

I expect to finish the cleaning and typesetting of Kisshou Tennyo by the end of this month.
You will get the whole volume at once. :3

Banana Bread Pudding and Momonchi are also expected to be finished this month.
Tomoi is being worked on as we speak, as well.
An ... Read more »
Category: Releases | Views: 7530 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-12-10 | Comments (7)

Hello everyone!
Today, I'm happy to announce the first release of Little Forest by Igarashi Daisuke! (author of Majo).
This is a collection of short stories (about 10 pages each) depicting the life and of Ichiko in kumori (literally Little Forest)
It's based on the author's actual experiences.
The first chapter is in full color!
To find out more, read it: 
I'll just sneak it in, but we really need staff in the form of cleaners and typesetters, plus, at least a single QCer.
Please, help us. :3
Have a nice day!
Category: Releases | Views: 480 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-11-22 | Comments (2)

Hello everyone!
As promised, here is chapter 4 of Anata to senya ichiya:
For those who didn't read the note in the series' page, we are starting where ShoujoMagic left off.
You can find chapters 1-3 on mangatraders.
This manga was scanlated as part of the Oboretai collection. You basically need to download the 2nd volume of Oboretai
(the last chapter of the scanlated volume is a different story).
And if you want faster releases, don't complain. Help us instead! ;p
Have a great day!
Category: Releases | Views: 5280 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-11-11 | Comments (3)

Hello everyone!
I give you another double release of Momonchi and Banan, both chapter 3.
I intend to released the last chapter of Momonchi together with Banana's 4th chapter, but we'll see how it goes. ^^;
To get the releases:
Today's releases are dedicated to Synthoxide, our editor and QCer.
(she gets triple the amount of the usual hugs, plus a big kiss)
For further news:
Chapter 4 of Anata to senya ichiya will be released soon.
Fans of the ... Read more »
Category: Releases | Views: 557 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-10-22 | Comments (7)

Here are some goodies for you!

Our first release of the joint project we have with Illuminati-Manga!

Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae

You can find the two (!) first chapters here:

We're really excited about this project!

Oh, and do remember to pay Illuminati-Manga (link to their homepage is in the project thread) a visit as well!


Category: Releases | Views: 929 | Added by: Catriona | Date: 2009-10-15 | Comments (3)

Hello everyone!
Today I bring you Momonchi and Banana Bread Pudding. Both in their 2nd chapters. ^^
You can find the released for Banana here:
For further news:
A generous benefactor will provide us with some of the raws we need, amongs them (and the first) being Coponicus no Kokyuu by the wonderful Nakamura Asumiko.
(Thank you!!!)
It won't be long until we all get to taste some of this goodness. :3
Thanks for reading and ... Read more »
Category: Releases | Views: 489 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-10-07 | Comments (2)

I have cleanded, fixed some oddities and changed the format of some...
And here you have it, the whole bunko in 2 parts. You can say it's volume 1 and volume 2.
Be sure to read our new distro policy insert in the form of commandments, done by our very own Catrion!
I fiddled around with PS and made the background, but the original pic is what made it possible. ;p
Mirrors will follow later.
The link is highlifgted in purple:
Note: My net has decided to go crazy again, so if the links are broken, please let me know and I will re-upload the files. 

Don't forget our distro policy!
The post is located right bellow this one, so read it. :3
Category: Releases | Views: 536 | Added by: hotcakes | Date: 2009-10-04 | Comments (1)

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