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Main » 2009 » June » 1 » Kawa Yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni Chapters 4-6
Kawa Yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni Chapters 4-6
0:57 AM
Hello Everyone!
Sorry for the long wait, but it pays off since I give you here 3 chapters of Kawa Yori at one go! :3
Chapter 6 is an omake, and the end of the first volume.
Since we are working on the bunko version, volumes 1 and 2 are combined, so there will be no actual volume 2. ^^;;
For download links:
I will put up mirrors later on, cause I'm lazy now.
Also, I have learnt how to typeset, and did most of chapter 5. *yay*
And even typeset the credit pages/ftp. *crazy with joy...* (the pretty bunny background is by ane-chan)
Now I can actually help my group some more. X3
And also:
We are looking for an FTP file dump host.
Further information and contact info is located inside the chapters of Kawa Yori (the cute angry moe XD).
And here she is, for those who are lazy like myself:
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19aDagnabbit you beat me to this news Aidan! LOL. And I was over at the official site on Friday looikng for it!I like it. Less bleak than the cover for the first one the addition of some lush colour was needed. I assume we are looikng at the gates of Arborlon?I'm excited to read this book and see where the story goes

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